Introducing Bodyguard and Rejuvenate

Bodyguard - been putting more bad than good into your body lately? we know your body's not always a temple, so we're supplying some extra insurance to keep it looking like one. Our bodyguyard is packed with all-powerful Vitamin C, your personal secrete service agent to protect and serve every part of your corpus maximus. Keep your brain, bones and biceps doing what they do best and save your sick days for the beach. 

Rejuvenate - You know when people say you look tired, but you're not tired? Yeah, we've been there. Thata's why we created rejuvenate. Rejuvenate is a good source of Vitamin C and contains Vitamin K, Vitamin E and Folate which you will help your insides feel 17 again. This blend will help reduce fatigue better than the most powerful of power naps. The fountain of youth may not exist but we think this comes close (metaphorically speaking)