Our café range consists of four delicious flavours specifically designed to optimise smoothie sales in your store. Each carton contains 12 frozen smoothie pouches. Each pouch is the perfect proportion of mixed ingredients which, when blended by your staff, makes a lovely thick smoothie. Best of all, they are delivered free to your café.

Our smoothie flavours contain only the freshest fruits & vegetables which are snap frozen. All your staff need to do is open the pouch, add to the blender, add liquid (250ml) and blend. It’s that easy!


Each of our smoothies contain whole fruit pieces - no purees and no shortcuts.


No more chopping, dicing, mixing, preparing.

No more labour hours wasted on preparation

No running out of a single ingredient

No more wasting ingredients

No more training staff

No more inconsistent tasting smoothies

No more ordering multiple ingredients from multiple suppliers – 1 invoice

Sell a great tasting and healthy smoothie every time

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Advantages using the Serious Smoothie café range.

All natural and no nasties means your customers are getting the health kick they are looking for. Customers are becoming more educated around health and wellness – smoothies made with syrups and powders are less desirable, meaning they are more likely to look for and buy an all-natural serious smoothie

Perfect proportion of ingredients so your customers are getting a consistently great tasting smoothie every time meaning your customers confidently will come back again and again

Little or no staff training is required meaning any staff member can quickly make up a smoothie and get it served to the customer. On the go smoothies can be made quickly meaning less waiting for your customers, so your staff can focus on the things that matter, like customer service.

No Refined Sugar: These days everyone is concerned about refined sugar, the only sugar in our smoothies comes naturally from the fruit itself.

Just rip tip and blend it’s that easy (with some liquid added) no more wasted time for your staff, purchasing ingredients, chopping, dicing, measuring or wastage.

High Margin: SER!OUSsmoothie delivers a high $ margin, high RRP for high demand product meaning good $ margin banked, for little effort.

Drive Sales with our eye-catching POS: We have a professionally designed POS suite to increase sales and convert customers to purchase this high $ margin product. Why sell a cola for $1.50-$2.00 profit when you could make double or triple that with a smoothie?

Upfront Costs.No more product going to waste or ingredients going off. No more over-ordering on ingredients (or not ordering enough leading to out of stocks). Save $ on labour and time on preparing smoothies. No more ordering 15-20 different ingredients for smoothies from multiple suppliers. SER!OUS smoothies can remove some serious costs from your business.

High Dollar Margin – Find out how much $ you can make per unit.

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Whats in our awesome smoothies 

 All our smoothies use whole fruit pieces no purees or shortcuts. 

Drive sales of a high value high $ profit product  

With $ Profits between $4-$6 per unit Serious Smoothies is the perfect high value product to make you extra. 
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