Serious Smoothies

Available in supermarkets across New Zealand and Australia 

Serious smoothies frozen smoothie pouches are the perfect way to stay SERIOUSLY Healthy

Our grocery range consists of 5 awesome flavors combinations. Each pouch is packed with fruits, nuts and superfoods, that allow you to see what you are drinking. Just rip, tip, blend and sip - Serious Smoothies make it seriously easy to be seriously healthy.

Find Serious Smoothies in the freezer section of Coles (select flavors) or across leading supermarkets in New Zealand 


High GP 

No more guess work, no more cutting, dicing, ordering. Just open the pouch and add to blender. Its a high GP and High $ beverage. 

On Trend 

All Natural, No added sugar, whole fruit pieces. Drive sales with a healthy product customers are looking for. 

How to order

New Zealand; We deliver direct commercial addresses across the country and you can order online below.

Australia; Contact us and we will put you in contact with our local distribution partners. 

SER!OUSLY good frozen fruit

Available only to our New Zealand Customers our IQF frozen fruit is premium A grade fruit. Its the same fruit we use in our smoothies and we take our smoothies very seriously. 

We deliver direct to commercial addresses with free shipping for orders over 4 cartons (can be mixed with smoothies)

These are sold in carton lots only ; 6KG of a single fruit type per carton. 


In today’s world, healthy living is even harder than your personal trainer’s abs. Everyone is too time crunched for crunches and too bored of broccoli to even think about cooking a healthy meal.

That’s where we come in. Our smoothies work hard so you can play hard because we know as much as you’d love to spend your Sundays chopping up smoothie ingredients for the week, there are probably a few things you’d rather be doing.

Like embarrassing your children on a family walk or feeling the burn to some 80’s power ballads in an afternoon spin class. Whatever floats that powerful boat of yours is cool with us.

If you’re serious about health, serious about life and serious about having fun, Serious Smoothies are for you.

Seriously Healthy   Seriously Tasty   Seriously Easy


Seriously Healthy Limited has offices in Auckland New Zealand & Melbourne Australia.

Manufacturing facilities are located in the Timaru New Zealand. 

Seriously Healthy sources raw ingredients from a range of local and international suppliers. 

Seriously Healthy provides several private label products currently and can contract manufacture for your next product.